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Building A Best Digital Practice, once choice at a Time

A Digital Agency

With many years of experience, That’s A Concept has become a jack of all trades, master of none. Why? Because algorithms change, digital concepts change, the internet changes. Remember myspace or vines? We strive to be discipline enough to know the latest trends and build great digital practices for small businesses.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Ask Us Anything, Seriously.

The Business

I usually start off with the brand identity.(Graphic Design)

I then move on to the website (Hosting, Domain, Web Development and or CMS installation)

And then I conclude with social media. (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, the list goes on.)

Well that depends on a few questions.

Do you want me build it then show you how to manage?


Do you want me to manage?

There is a price difference. I’d like to think of myself as a steward of your vision, your dream. If the choice is the second, then we work by an hourly rate after the intial project price.

Yes I do. I begin with an assessment and then move on from there to projections based off analytics and data.
Outside of being one myself, I believe they are the backbone of the economy. The relationships I have seen inside small businesses and the rewards of such does not compare to big companies. Both of which have their place in this world.

The Owner

Great question! My hours vary since I do work at a day job. I normally work after 5 and late into the evening on projects.
Another great question! I usually “meet” via email or through a text message. We could meet personally if it merits. Normally we can get started through a simple email dialogue.
There is just one for the moment, but we have dreams of hiring more individuals.
It does. I usually take the weekends to learn, document and do.

We can do it together

Do you have a project you want to get up and running? Let’s grab a cup of coffee, text or have a digital meeting to connect and begin to see where we can help out
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